Our products are made of high-tenacity yarn, wear-resistent and tear-resistent materials. It is resistant to UV radiation. There is an anti-slip material sewed onto the sitting part not to let the baby’s butt sliding.

There is no concrete fastening on the baby carrier. After taking up the HOPPMANO into your waist, you have to put the baby into the sitting part. You must hold the back of the child in every case!

It is made out of washable materials, that you can clean with the instructions written on the label.

The HOPPMANO can be used from 6 months old (when the baby is able to sit) to 3 years old. The biggest help is in the period of toddler.

Medical consultation is recommended before use.

You can read the user instructions here.

If you have any problems with the item you had already bought, or even the color hadn’t been the best choice we of course change it in the 14th day after the delivery (by the content of ASZF), in case the HOPPMANO hadn’t been used. In the same box as in the delivery.

For all of our products we give 100 guarantee for 1 year.

You can pay with PayPal, with bank remittance or in case of personal purchase personally with cash.

Yes, of course. We have an acceptance point as well. In these cases you do not need to pay the delivery. Address: 1061. Andrassy Avenue 38. Budapest